I tried to uplift moments to eternity, realizing how certain instances of life and pieces of love are left behind indifferently. Feelings that I lost between spaces exist in those lost spaces and in my unconscious mind. “Between Spaces” refers to spaces that I was not aware of, which have been left behind between spaces I recognized. Objects that appear on paintings are some of things floating in those spaces.

Objects on my paintings are everyday objects – a bowl of Udon for lunch, faces of friends, and just things I use daily. Pieces of warm memory stay in my heart although the moments pass by quickly, no matter how trivial they are. “I pour out pieces of memory and feelings on to the empty papers, then numerous things gush out unwittingly. I fish for certain pieces of memories poured out as sketches scattered in the spaces and things are alive again on the canvas.” The moment I start to paint, objects in the between spaces reappear blossoming. Such flowers of moments blossom to make me realize how small instances of life contain beauty and meaning.

My working procedures are comprised of changing palm-sized graffiti sketches that I seized from moments of trances into increased and much fuller state of drawings. Speedy drawings without any intent are representing moments of objects and while I expand small sketches into bigger drawings, the forms are loosened and naturally distorted. Tone and manner of colors used on the objects are considered 'bright' or 'elegant'. My fabricated ego conceptualized certain things as trivial (worthless and trifling) but the colors renew them into new images. The 'trivial' things are reborn into 'special' with pastel toned bright colors.
- HeeKyung Lee–